War Reporters For Peace
Unite4Peace | Sep 29, 2017
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The project WRFP is destined for an internationale large public exhibition. Through video installation and wet collodion tintypes of Melanie-Jane Frey, war reporters show themselves to you and talk to you to give a hear to what the they have seen of the reality of war and what they think could be done to make a better change for peace.

They tell us about their commitment to answer the mission to show the rest of the world what is happening. They also tell us what it cost them to cover conflicts for living.

« WAR REPORTERS FOR PEACE », is a multimedia installation directed by the photographer and artist Mélanie-Jane Frey. The photo and video installation includes a monumental video wall and a giant Wet Plate Collodion portrait photos’ exhibition. The visitor follows the rhythm of the testimonies of great war photographers from around the world and their visions of peace. The photo exhibition includes 24 tight portraits of these photographers, 18 of which can be found in the video.

Each of the photographer interviewed confides their hopes and doubts about a world of peace. With their experience of the conflict, this one-on-one meeting with those who have witnessed the horror of war has given rise to a profound reflection about our individual commitment to the global peace process.

Melanie-Jane Frey and the Wet Plate Collodion Studio Ambrotype & Co
Tags: Photography, Journalism, Arts for Peace, War
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