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Ali Farhat , Editor | Aug 8, 2017
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Yael Deckelbaum

Yael Deckelbaum & “Prayer of the Mothers” Ensemble

A new boundary breaking all woman ensemble, uniting on one stage 14 secular, religious, Arabic, Christian and Jewish women, announcing together through a celebration of womanhood, the message of a new world.
A world where we learn to see the beauty of our diversity, unite above religions and nationalities and restore the forgotten values of humanity, authenticity, kindness, mutual responsibility and hope.
The woman is a necessary, essential and inseparable component in building such a world and through music, harmony and rhythm, we will share a heart melting journey that will open our gates to new possibilities.
Yael Deckelbaum created the song “Prayer of the Mothers” to support the march of hope, lead by the movement of “Women Wage Peace”, in which thousands of Israeli and Palestinian women marched together this last October in a joint prayer for peace. The song became the anthem of the march and continues to resonate to millions of people around the world.
By peeking into the ensemble’s rehearsal room, we can hear the song “This Land” that was translated into Egyptian Arabic by Hagar Samir and her mother and Nabawiya Ibrahim and Musa Sabre.
Along with the message of Prayer of the Mothers, the women in the ensemble will sing another prayer, for a respectful living, hope and new horizon that will be revealed to all inhabitants of our country.

The ensemble will perform for the first time on May 18th at 21:00, on the main stage of “Menashe Forest Festival”.
Festival page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/yearotfestival
Festival website: http://www.yearot.com
In that show, the group will perform new musical compositions created by Yael, in English, Hebrew and Arabic. Performance is in collaboration with Hagar Samir, Miriam Toukan and more listed below.
Featuring the singers: Yael Deckelbaum, Hagar Samir, Aveva Dasa, Daniel Rubin, Bat-Chen Edri, Mira Ilabuni and Yirat Yaakov.
Special guest: Miriam Toukan
Musicians: Keren Teperberg - Drums, Liron Meyuhas - Voc and Percussion, Einat Harel - Voc and Percussion, Gal Maestro - Double Bass, Tal Sandman - Guitar and Oud, Talia Erdal - Voc & Cello.
Musical Producer, Arranger & Mix: Adam Ben Amitai
Music & Vocal arrangement: Yael Deckelbaum
Lyrics: Yael Deckelbaum, Hagar Samir, Nabawiya Ibrahim, Musa Sabre
Director: Gil Shani
Camera: Gil Shani, Amir Meirom
Editor: Yael Deckelbaum
Recorded at: Muki’s Rhapsody

Yael Deckelbaum |May 2, 2017
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